About the Alliance
What is COVESA?
The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA), formerly known as the GENIVI Alliance, is a global, member-driven alliance focused on the development of open standards and technologies that accelerate innovation for connected vehicle systems, and create a more diverse, sustainable and integrated mobility ecosystem. 
Why has GENIVI Alliance rebranded?
GENIVI Alliance has rebranded to align with the organization’s evolved technical focus to connected vehicle systems including in-vehicle, on-edge and in-cloud services, interfaces and data exchange.  
COVESA is the only alliance focused solely on developing open standards and technologies for connected vehicles, and our new brand and vision reflects the commitment and shared goal of creating a more diverse, sustainable and integrated mobility ecosystem.
Who participates in COVESA? 
Participating organizations include automakers and suppliers of automotive technologies and services, and organizations from adjacent industries such as consumer electronics, communications, mobility, manufacturing, and smart cities that are interested in accelerating the future of connected vehicle systems.  COVESA also welcomes start-up organizations of all types. Members include leading global automakers, electronic companies and vehicle component suppliers, including BMW Group, Daimler AG, Honda, Hyundai Motor Group, SAIC, Bosch Car Multimedia, DENSO, Green Hills, LG Electronics, Wind River, Renesas and NXP among others.
Will there be any changes to my current GENIVI Alliance membership?
All previously executed GENIVI Participation Agreements will remain in force. Minor edits to the Bylaws and IPR Policy will be distributed to all current members for awareness.
Who can join COVESA?
COVESA welcomes participation in our global community of automotive experts and thought leaders from related industries to collaborate on connected vehicle systems. Organizations interested in joining the Alliance as active members can learn more at www.covesa.global/join.
Do I have to join as a member to participate in COVESA projects?
There are many advantages to being a COVESA member.  Membership is required to participate in specification development activities.  With that said, many exploratory COVESA activities are a combination of member representatives and industry experts.  COVESA code is openly available in GitHub and more information on COVESA projects can be found on the COVESA Wiki.  
What are the main benefits of COVESA membership?
The top benefits available to COVESA members are: 
1. Full access and insight into all work in process, providing a head-start competitive advantage
2. Influence on the technical direction of the alliance, including the development of specifications, reference architectures, implementation guidelines and test suites
3. Use of released COVESA specifications and implementation guidelines to reduce development costs and shorten time to market
4. Opportunity to collaborate with members in creating joint platforms that allow seamless integration benefits for all members 
5. Networking through the vast alliance membership community for key contacts, partnerships, and business opportunities
6. Opportunities to showcase your technology and competencies at COVESA global promotional events
Technical Scope
Will the current GENIVI technical projects and work continue? 
COVESA will expand upon GENIVI’s strong foundation of active technology projects as well as its vehicle signal specification and work on vehicle to cloud connected services.  COVESA encourages members to introduce new projects that deliver specifications, open source licensed software and related materials that equip the industry with useful assets for commercial solution development.  
Active technology projects include: 
Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII), launched with W3C, addresses the need for industry-standards to more efficiently collect and manage vehicle data and to define vehicle services invoked remotely from the cloud.  
Android™ Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG) focusing on software integration and supporting automakers and their suppliers who are adopting Android Automotive
In-vehicle Payment Special Interest Group (SIG) exploring standard approaches for in-vehicle commerce and payments.
Automotive Cybersecurity Team addresses a growing number of standards and topics enhancing cybersecurity in the vehicle. 
The COVESA community is also actively collaborating with various liaisons including W3C, Open Insurance and eSync Alliance.
More information on COVESA projects can be found on the COVESA Wiki.
What new technical projects will COVESA be launching?
Now that the organization is fully transitioned to focus on connected vehicles, COVESA expects numerous members to introduce new projects for collaboration amongst other members.
How is work accomplished within COVESA? 
The majority of the work is conducted through expert groups for specifications, teams and special interest groups for exploratory subjects and open source projects to define requirements, build software, and perform integration of the software and other standards in the industry.
Will COVESA license its technology to non-members?
Most technology deliverables are available publicly and are licensed with OSI-approved, open source licenses.  Some normative specifications may be delivered to members only.
News & Updates
Where can I get more information about COVESA?
Information and news on COVESA is available through various channels: