Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus
  • Amplify our voice in the industry with press releases, solution briefs, white papers, blogs, social media, and other marketing activities.
  • Co-author papers and podcasts.
  • Build the organization by collaborating with industry experts and other organizations to support the work of the Alliance (i.e., Market Research Firms, Adjacent Organizations & Firms and Industry Consulting Firms).
  • Actively recruit prospective new members.
  • Collateral development including website and marketing materials to drive discussion around pain points, use cases and solutions.
  • Drive awareness for COVESA activities, events, and deliverables.

What our Member Companies are Saying

"As a global provider of premium connected vehicles and mobility services, internationally accepted standards play a key role for the BMW Group. We therefore support the evolution of GENIVI from its IVI platform into a comprehensive mobile ecosystem alliance. Building on an excellent and already established basis, the new COVESA approach provides an enhanced solution to address new topics and to shape the future of sustainable mobility, cross-industry, competently and with high technical standards."

BMW Group

Martin Arend

General Manager Automotive Security, Data Services Connected Car

“Automotive software is facing a significant change. On top of established hardware-driven value chains, software is becoming a significant field of innovation. Establishing cross-brand software ecosystems for in-vehicle software offers a chance to re-think how in-vehicle software is developed, managed, and operated.

Unifying the automotive industry towards such an objective is a huge challenge, which can only be overcome by determined collaboration of all players. COVESA has the potential to be the crystallization point of the connected vehicle ecosystem enabling the cooperation of individual organizations and alliances/foundations."


Daniel Krippner

Tech-Lead of Software-defined Vehicles

“With innovation serving as a guiding pillar for our business, Geotab firmly believes that data has a pivotal role to play in advancing a better future for all. As an organization, we also believe in the power and importance of adaptability, understanding that sometimes in order to truly innovate you must pivot in order to grow.

Geotab congratulates COVESA on its new positioning and we look forward to continuing to actively support COVESA’s ambitions to drive the ecosystem and technological advancement of connected vehicles forward in an effort to provide customers with the freedom and power of choice."


Christoph Ludewig

VP OEM Europe

“Hyundai Motor Group cares deeply about the future of connected vehicles for more reasons than the vehicle itself.  Our priorities are enhancing the lives of our drivers and passengers along with being consistently mindful of tomorrow and a promise for a greener and more accessible world.

We support COVESA’s vision of creating a more diverse, sustainable and integrated mobility ecosystem that can be enjoyed by our drivers around the world. Hyundai looks forward to engaging with other COVESA members to deliver on this important vision."


Paul Choo

Senior Vice President of Electronics Tech Unit

“Renesas believes the demand for more flexible personal data and identity exchange between vehicle and cloud-based services is becoming more vital to automotive computing solution providers, and exchangeability across the OEM brand is an essential aspect from the user’s standpoint. The newly reborn COVESA will realize a stress-free world with a collaboration of vendor-neutral organizations like W3C."


Hisao Munakata

Senior Director

Top 3 Reason to Join the Marketing Team

  • Ensure your organizational priorities are reflected in technical projects, communications, and events.
  • Enjoy visibility as thought leaders and influencers at COVESA and Industry-related events to elevate and promote the alliance and your organizational priorities.
  • Unprecedented access and collaboration with industry leaders across the value chain to share next and best practices.

Member company participation in the COVESA Marketing Team is critically important to continue the momentum and positive industry response we are seeing from the rebranding and strategic business intent of COVESA.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact