Membership in COVESA is open to all companies who are developing open standards and technologies that accelerate innovation for connected vehicle systems.  As a collaborative organization, COVESA hosts member-driven projects that both advance common approaches for the industry as well as benefit participating member’s own business and technology goals.
COVESA has a tiered member program offering options for companies of all sizes to participate, collaborate, and contribute to the success of our shared mission. Each tier provides visibility, participation, and/or leadership benefits commensurate with financial contribution.
COVESA offers an open door to start-up organizations and companies applying their products and services to the connected vehicle ecosystem.  If you are a start-up organization, find out more about the COVESA Start-up Associate Member Program.   

Membership Forms / Downloads

Membership Benefits

Member Benefit





Seat on the Board of Directors

Two-year Term if Elected

One-year Term if Elected



Determine Board Composition




Oversee Spend on Development Projects




Eligible for Board Officer Positions



Right to Propose New Groups/Teams



Right to Lead Groups/Teams



Right to Vote to Advance Specification for Board Approval


Right to Participate as a Voting Member in Groups/Teams

Eligible to Attend All Member Meetings

20 Free Passes

5 Free Passes

2 Free Passes

2 Free Passes

Eligible for Certification Programs


Pre-release Access to Candidate Specifications

Eligible to Participate in COVESA-sponsored Marketing Programs

15% Discount

10% Discount

At Cost

X (limited size)

Right to Propose a New, COVESA-hosted Open Project

Eligible to Co-present COVESA-sponsored Webinars or Co-author Whitepapers or Technical Briefs

Logo Listed on Alliance Website

Eligible to Receive Communications About Alliance Activities and Plans

Eligible to Participate in COVESA Showcase Events

Eligible to Access the Member Wiki and Email Distribution Lists

Eligible for COVESA-negotiated Event Sponsorship and Registration Discounts


Annual Fee

USD $100,000

USD $25,000

USD $10,000

USD $2,000